Looking for an online pharmacy technician training course to prepare you for the board certification exam? Look no further! With easy to learn content and a very affordable price, Pharmacy Technician Tactics’ online course will have you ready for your pharmacy technician career in no time!

The Program

Concise Learning – Up to Standards – Proven Strategy – Continued Support
Is a career in the pharmacy technician field calling out your name?

  • Over 3000 questions to help you prepare for the exam
  • Includes drugs and pharmacy calculations in every mission
  • Presented in a convenient easy-to-use studying format

The training in this program is broken down into simple, digestible and very attainable knowledge and skill sets. By learning a little instruction, a little math and a little about medications and their usage every day, you can achieve your goal of becoming certified without feeling bombarded with too much information at a time. With our strategic approach, valuable study time is not wasted on information that will clog your mind and weigh you down as you prepare to take your certification exam. Repeatedly testing your retention of the small bites of information provided will give you the confidence you need in this quest for a new career path.



training tactics

This course will guide you through the training using strategically planned tactics


Target Terms

Important terms, definitions and
acronyms are bolded, your knowledge
of them will be tested at the end of
the mission.

Drill Practice

Calculations activities will strengthen
what you have learned. Remember,
practice makes perfect

Mission Briefing

In each mission you will be briefed with a
list of objectives you will need to
accomplish to complete that mission.

Mission Debriefings

Debriefings are a great evaluation tool to
measure the success of the mission
based on the original mission objectives.

Reconnaissance Operations

These operations allow you to obtain the
most up to date information on specifice
subject areas.

Math Blaster

There is math in every mission to help
you hone your skills and become
successful with pharmacy calculations.

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Pharmacy Technician Tactics strives to support those seeking national certification with either of the two national certification agencies. However, it is up to the individual to research the guidelines and prepare to meet your own state’s requirements, training and prerequisites for employment as a pharmacy technician.


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