The program consists of 13 individual learning “missions” that are the basic building blocks of pharmacy technician structure. Using the blueprint for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam as a guide, the program was built to teach that key knowledge needed to ensure success in passing the national certification exam. Rather than overwhelming students, our strategic approach targets only what is feasible to learn and absorb in a single lesson. By studying in small bites of retainable information and reinforcing that knowledge with daily quizzes and other resources that can be used again and again, one can feel confident as they advance through the program.

If a student stays on track for the recommended study schedule, a 4 to 5 month completion time can be expected. However, any student who enrolls will be able to study on their own pace and around their schedule. Upon completion of the program, a student will receive a completion certificate and be prepared to sit for either of the two national certification exams.

Class will be online 24/7/365 so YOU decide when you study. Enrollment in the program gives the student one year of access to the program and all its resources to prepare for the national certification exam. All the lessons within each mission are completed before the student has access to the next lesson or mission in the program. Studying in this manner ensures success with the current material before building on that lesson for what is next to come.

With this structured and targeted approach and me as your biggest cheerleader, you are bound for success in your quest to become certified pharmacy technician. I’ll be here to support you all the way to the finish line and beyond. As a student of Pharmacy Technician Tactics, you can be a part of a Facebook support group where I will post regularly to challenge and encourage you. I will also be doing a live chat or video regularly to allow you to connect with me as your instructor. I’m also just an email away from the answer to your questions and will strive to answer those questions within 24 hours or less.